Founded in 2017, SASA connects the premier fine art logistic companies from Switzerland. We serve the world’s leading museums, galleries, auction houses, art fairs and private collectors.


swiss art shipping association standard of excellence

Standards of excellence

SASA members oblige themselves to set and provide the highest level of professionalism, care and attention to the clients they handle.

swiss art association members


The collaborative nature of SASA ensure that works of art are handled with the highest levels of care.

swiss art association innovation & expertise

Innovation & Expertise

Trainings and innovation are shared on a state-of-the art basis. All members can provide longtime experience within the fine art shipping.


All members meet the agreed standards and no part of their company structure is in any way active in the art trade or in direct contact with it. Instead, they expressly dissociate themselves from this trade, and thus fulfil the mandatory code of neutrality and confidentiality regarding the information available to them. Applying the highest possible standards, they offer the customer the ultimate level of professionalism in handling your unique artwork.

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